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Product Description
The DR900S-2CH is BlackVue' s flagship dual camera model and the world’s first 4K Ultra HD Cloud-connected dash cam, engineered for the user who demands the finest video quality day and night. Featuring an ultra-wide 162 degree viewing angle, broadcast standard HEVC video compression, dual-band 2.4-5GHz Wi-Fi, Night Vision courtesy of its 8 megapixel CMOS camera sensor and 'BlackVue Over the Cloud' compatibility - a suite of LIVE app-based features including Live View, Live Tracking, Two-Way Voice Communication and Emergency Notifications. Its rear camera has Full HD 1080p resolution and a Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor for superb low light clarity.
Box Contains
DR900S-2CH (Front Camera), Rear Camera, 12/24V Vehicle Power Cable, Cable (6M), Double-Sided Tape for Mounting, Cable Clips (8 included), 16GB SD Card, microSD Card Reader, Pry Tool, User Manual
From the manufacturer
The BlackVue DR900S Series is the world’s first 4K Ultra HD Cloud-connected dashboard camera and takes video fidelity to a whole new performance level.
The DR900S-2CH is BlackVue’s range-topping dual camera model, engineered for the user who demands the finest video quality day and night. Featuring a stunning 4K UHD front camera with 8 megapixel CMOS sensor and Full HD 1080p rear camera with Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor for superb clarity.
BlackVue is a global leader and innovator in the field of in-car video technology and has always put image quality and next generation functionality at the forefront of their product development, and the introduction of 4K UHD recording resolution and Cloud connectivity is an iconic moment in the evolution of the dash cam. Along with 4K recording, the DR900S Series features HEVC compression, dual-band 2.4-5GHz Wi-Fi and BlackVue Over the Cloud connectivity, making it the ultimate car camera for protection when driving or while parked.
BlackVue DR900S-2CH Key Features
·         4K Ultra HD video recording (front camera) - 4 times Full HD resolution
·         Full HD 1080P video recording (rear camera)
·         8 megapixel CMOS sensor (front camera)
·         Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor (rear camera)
·         'Over the Cloud’ - connected features that allows the user to connect with their dash cam remotely
·         Ultra-wide 162 Degree Viewing Angle
·         Night Vision Mode
·         Built-In Wi-Fi - communicate with a smartphone or tablet via the BlackVue app
The 4K Difference
The 4K Ultra High Definition resolution contains exactly four times as many pixels as Full HD, 3840 pixels × 2160 lines to be exact, equivalent to 8.3 million pixels. For a dashboard camera, this can mean the difference between an unusable pixelated blur and a readable licence plate, especially at speed or in low light conditions. To take even greater advantage of the extra resolution, the DR900S-2CH packs a massive ultra-wide 162 degree lens on its front camera for incredible clarity and detail from edge-to-edge. The DR900S-2CH performs exceptionally well at night and in dark environments, while maintaining a low level of noise. In daylight, the ability to “freeze” the action is nothing short of spectacular, thanks to a high shutter speed, so users can clearly see the details of vehicles even in adjacent lanes at the edges of the screen.
When handling 4K footage, storage space is always going to be a primary concern, fortunately the DR900S-2CH incorporates the best in video compression technology: HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) is the leading standard in broadcasting and streaming of 4K video. This major advance allows the DR900S-2CH to store as much 4K footage on a 16GB microSD card as a standard Full HD dash cam would.
But it's not only about the quality of the image, the DR900S-2CH includes GPS logging, Wi-Fi, Cloud connectivity and impact and motion detection - all in a premium quality, discreet and compact design that is BlackVue's signature.
·         HEVC (H.265) video compression technology
·         Loop Recording & Intelligent Parking Mode
·         Impact and Motion Detection
·         Event File Protection - event footage will not be overwritten
·         User-Friendly Interface (Voice Guidance & LED)
·         Wireless Firmware Upgrade (Firmware upgraded over-the-air) - no need to connect to a PC or Mac
·         Adaptive Format-Free Technology
·         Intelligent Parking Mode - continues recording even when you're not there
The Complete Video Security System
A BlackVue is more than just a simple dash cam, it is a complete video surveillance system, even keeping an eye and ear on your vehicle when you’re not around.
While driving it records exceptional quality video footage of your journey - both from the front and the rear.
When parked, thanks to BlackVue’s acclaimed Intelligent Parking Mode, it uses motion and vibration sensors to detect events, recording and storing the video clips for later viewing, or in the case of our connected models, live Over the Cloud via the BlackVue app.
To make the most of what Parking Mode has to offer, simply add a Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Battery to your system. By doing so you can ensure that your BlackVue dash cam will keep recording, through the night if necessary, without impacting on your vehicle’s battery.
Over The Cloud - Connecting You With Your Vehicle - Live
A range of unique realtime features and services available only on select BlackVue dashcams.
BlackVue Over the Cloud combines state-of-the-art dashcam technology with a suite of innovative ‘connected’ features that take the BlackVue user experience to new levels.
BlackVue Over the Cloud unlocks the true potential of your dashcam, remotely connecting you with your vehicle and providing additional functionality including Live View, Video Backup, Realtime Tracking and Emergency Alarms.
How does it work?
Simply download the BlackVue Cloud app for iOS or Android and connect your DR900S to the internet by using the ‘personal hotspot’ feature on your mobile phone or via a dedicated mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Connect to your BlackVue      anytime, from anywhere in the world with BlackVue Over the Cloud.
  • Enjoy remote Live View &      Push Notifications to your phone.
  • Back up important videos to the      free Cloud storage.
  • Play and download videos from      your dashcam or the Cloud from anywhere.
  • Enjoy Two-way Voice      Communication with the driver from the app through the BlackVue’s      integrated speaker and mic.
Over The Cloud Features
·         Live View - Remotely monitor video from your vehicle in realtime
·         Emergency Alarm - Receive notifications on your phone when pre-set events occur
·         GPS Tracking - View the precise location and speed of your vehicle on a detailed map, in realtime
·         Two-Way Communication - Talk directly to your dash cam from your phone via the in-built microphone
·         Video Backup - Move files from your dashcam to Cloud or your smart device, right from the app
·         Remote Video Playback - Play videos stored in the Cloud or in your dashcam directly from your device
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